LARA Beta testing

We will shortly be asking interested parties to beta test LARA. This will take two forms. (a) content development (b) use as a reading/learning application If you would like to be part of either group, please email us here:

The decade of Indigenous Languages

As the UN's International Year of Indigenous Languages comes to a close, it's heartening to see that it has been decided this must be extended to a decade, to begin in 2022. 'One year is simply not enough,' says AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde As reported in CBC News a  resolution was adopted by the … Continue reading The decade of Indigenous Languages

Better support for translation in LARA

The way we do translation in the current LARA platform is clearly not satisfactory - we've had many comments on this. Three main issues: We should offer the alternative of translating surface words types instead of lemmas. At the moment, you can only attach a translation to a lemma, so if you're translating English into … Continue reading Better support for translation in LARA

Developing a spec for the LARA social network

At the LARA workshop last week, we discussed what people would most like to see in the way of substantial new functionality for LARA. The biggest single item was clearly the social network top level. I am opening this thread so that we can develop an initial spec together. I think it will be best … Continue reading Developing a spec for the LARA social network

First LARA workshop: Trnava, Slovakia, Nov 27-29 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we held our first LARA workshop. You can see the program here. Originally, we'd been thinking there would 25-30 attendees, but it grew and in the end 42 people turned up, from 16 countries. The meeting was funded by enetCollect and Trnava University took responsibility for the local organisation. A … Continue reading First LARA workshop: Trnava, Slovakia, Nov 27-29 2019

Language Tools

Language tools, founded by Leo Smith, is a site which provides various useful learning through reading and writing tools. The tools are free and there is a community which provides free exchange of language and skills too. Users are, however, regularly encouraged to pay for language lessons from onsite teachers and I guess that's where … Continue reading Language Tools

Is ‘news’ good content for LARA?

As the idea of 'news' content is under discussion by email, I thought it would be good to throw it open here on the blog. What can be done with 'news' on LARA? In the first instance, it has always been my vision that, if the social network is established, people may want to create … Continue reading Is ‘news’ good content for LARA?

Internet content which can be re-used for LARA

There are many excellent sources of creative commons licensed sites. Let's start with The Conversation. It is a massive site with contributions from going on for 100K academics, written in accessible language for a  non-expert audience. Everything on the site is available to reproduce. Note that there are French and Spanish versions of the site. … Continue reading Internet content which can be re-used for LARA