Workshop on LARA 27-29 November 2019

  Using LARA to build interactive CALL content Workshop at the University of Trnava, Slovakia 27-29 November 2019 Participants will receive expenses including travel and accommodation Funded by enetCollect under the European COST program Deadline for registration is 25 September 2019 LARA is an application that facilitates the transformation of text into a hyperlinked form … Continue reading Workshop on LARA 27-29 November 2019


Tips for using the recording tool

Johanna's recording tool which we are using for audio couldn't be more useful friendly.¬† A nice option you can use is a delay you can set up. This is so that you can click and prepare to speak - take a breath, put your tongue in the right position - without this being recorded. I … Continue reading Tips for using the recording tool

LWT: Learning With Texts

Learning With Texts is the work of a person(s) who is anonymous although I have seen the name J. Pierre suggested. LWT is a beloved piece of coding which has been around since 2010.¬† Many language learners whose emphasis is on reading would be lost without it. While noting that all such pieces of software … Continue reading LWT: Learning With Texts

The Alpheios Project

Since my own primary motivation is reading, I'm pleased to see that there are places online dedicated to assisting reading in non-native languages, which is the primary aim of LARA. The Alpheios Project is one such site. It is designed to suppose the reading of Classical Literature online with various tools to support it. It's … Continue reading The Alpheios Project

Bilingual texts for LARA

I've been looking around for texts that would be relatively little work to turn into LARA form. Perhaps once up as texts, people might be interested in doing these tasks: clean up the tagging do audio ¬† is a nice source for texts including some audio. In particular I note that Alice in Wonderland is … Continue reading Bilingual texts for LARA

The audio of vocabulary

Regarding the recording of vocabulary words, (as opposed to text chunks). It seems terribly obvious to me that vocabulary audio will be done in one of two ways: (a) somebody who is in charge of a project will decide to do all the vocabulary audio for it, irrespective of what audio already exists. (b) using … Continue reading The audio of vocabulary

Making LARA mobile-friendly

Probably the most frequent comment we receive about LARA is that it should work better on smartphones. In some cases, this is an absolute necessity. For example, we've been doing some interesting work in collaboration with Australian aboriginal language expert Ghil'ad Zuckermann, where we've built a LARA version of Ghil'ad's Barngarla Alphabet Book. Other things … Continue reading Making LARA mobile-friendly